Skywalker Socks

These socks are inspired by Grumperina's Jaywalker. The overall design comes out similar, but the construction is very different.

They're worked toe-up using short-row heels and toes, with a modified stitch pattern. They have ribbed instep shaping for a good fit and arch support.

They have finished measurements of 10.5" in length with a 9" circumference, and will stretch to fit up to 11" circ and 11.5" length. They'll fit a shoe size of 10-12 men's.

These particular socks are a gift, so no pictures of them on a foot until the recipient gets them. I'll try to have them up by the end of the week.

Skywalker Socks


Set of 5 US 2.5 DPNs


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, 2 skeins, or other fingering wt yarn

Zigzag Stitch Pattern 1

Rounds 1-4: K2, *Kfb, K8, DD, K8, Kfb* K2 across top of foot, K across sole

Round 5: K around

Zigzag Stitch Pattern 2

Rounds 1-2: *Kfb, K8, DD, K8, Kfb* around

Round 3: K around


38 sts per 4 inches of Zigzag Stitch 1 (row gauge not important)


Using a provisional cast-on (I used the crochet cast on), CO 46 stitches.

Work a short-row toe:

R1: K until one stitch is left on needle, wrap and turn.

R2: P until one stitch left, w&t

R3: K until 2 sts left, w&t

Continue wrapping & turning until 20m unwrapped stitches remain.

R1: K to first wrapped stitch. Slip stitch to R needle, pick up wrap with L needle and slip to R needle. K stitch and wrap together. w&t.

R2: Slip 1, P to first wrapped stitch, P wrap together with stitch, w&t.

R3: Slip 1, K to double-wrapped stitch (created in last row), PU wraps and work together with stitch, w&t.

Continue working until you have double-wrapped the stitches on the ends of the needles.

Unravel the crochet cast-on and pick up the live stitches. You now have 96 sts total.

Distribute over 4 DPNs as follows:

Needle 1 and Needle 2: stitches from top of foot, 23 on each needle

Needle 3 and Needle 4: stitches for bottom of foot, 23 on each


K one round, working remaining double-wraps as you come to them.

You will now transition from the stockinette toe to the zigzagged foot.

R1-R2: K2, *Kfb, K8, DD, K8, Kfb* twice, K2, K across bottom

R3: K

R4-R6: K2, *Kfb, K8, DD, K8, Kfb* twice, K2, K across bottom

R7: K across Needles 1 and 2, for N3 and N4: K 21, K2tog, K2tog, K21

R8-R11: K2, *Kfb, K8, DD, K8, Kfb* twice, K2, K across bottom

R12: K across N1 and N2, for N3 and N4: K2, K2tog, K10, k2tog, K12, k2tog, K10,

K2tog, K2

For all remaining rows, work in Zigzag Sitch Pattern 1.

Work until sock measures 4”


Continue in zigzag on N1 and N2.

N3 and N4: work in *K2, P2* rib for 3”, then go back to stockinette bottom.

Work in zigzag on foot top and stockinette sole until sock measures 9” (heel will add 1.5” to sock length).


Slip the first two stitches of Needle 1 to Needle 4, and the last 2 stitches of Needle 2 to Needle 3.

You will now have 21 stitches each on N1 and N2, and 22 stitches each on N3 and N4

Work N1 and N2 in stitch pattern.

The heel will be worked over the sole stitches only.

Follow the same short-row instructions for the heel as you did for the toe (short-row down to 20 stitches, and back up to 44).

Re-join, and work rest of sock in round.


Work in Zigzag Stitch Pattern 2 for about 1” or until cuff is desired length.

Work in *K2, P2* ribbing for 1”

Bind off using sewn bind-off or other stretch bind off. Weave in ends.

Update 04/14/2009:

There were errors in the ball of the sock:

What originally read "R1" in the pattern should have read "R1-R2".

R8-11 should have read "K2, *Kfb, K8, DD, K8, Kfb* K2"

The pattern was corrected as of 8 AM today, but if you printed or saved the pattern before this time, you should make a new copy.

Thank you to merely911 of Ravelry for pointing out my mistake!


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Unknown said...

You HAD to call them Skywalker socks? :) Now I'm going to HAVE to knit them ! They look beautiful.

January 14, 2008 at 10:05 AM

Jill said...

Hey Jasmine,

I thought it was the perfect name! They're blue like the sky, it rhymes with "Jaywalker", which was my inspiration pattern, and it's an allusion to the nerdiness of the recipient.

Thanks for the comment!

January 16, 2008 at 12:02 PM

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