Mitress of Knitting: April Results

I finished Month 1: April and got a Level 3.

The cast-ons I learned were:

Tubular cast-on: very stretchy, makes a nice "hem" at the start of your piece.  Looks great with ribbing.  Doesn't look as weird as some other cast-ons if you're using oversized needles.

Garter stitch tab cast on:  invisible if you're going to be working in garter stitch.  You get to knit from three directions on the tab, so it's great for starting a shawl in the middle.

The bind-offs were:

Tubular bind-off.  Matches the tubular cast-on, has pretty much the same properties.

Elastic bind-off.  As it says in the title, elastic.  Duh.  As stretchy as the sewn bind-off but doesn't use as much yarn.  Good for lace or the top of socks.

Stay tuned for the May edition: Increasing and Decreasing!

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