Review: HP Marketsplash

HP Marketsplash offers 100 free business cards, no shipping or processing fees!  You can choose from one of their customizable templates or upload your own image.

Being a dork, I wanted to create my own.  I fired up Scribus, created a 9x9 grid, and punched out this:

And a few weeks later, I had this in my hot little hand:

Generally, good stuff. I'm very happy with the print quality.  The paper's a tad flimsier than I would have liked, but you can pay a little extra for heavyweight cardstock if you want.

Apparently the first batch of cards came out with some color issues, but they sent them to me anyway in addition to the corrected set.  Not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I'll find something.

The free cards are supposed to come with a little advertising line on the back, but mine came with the "premium" plain backs.  Maybe it was a mistake in my favor, or maybe an apology for taking longer than promised?

Speaking of the taking longer...

The website says you should receive your order in 7 business days.  On March 26, about a week after I placed mine, I got an email from one of their customer service reps saying that my image wasn't the correct size, which was confusing to me because the design page would only accept 1050x600px images.  I emailed Ashlee with the original image, she was very nice and promised to fix it for me.  

On April 11, I hadn't heard from them lately so I emailed Ashlee again, she responded on the 15th and said my package had been shipped.  Yay!  I got the package on the 17th.

The delay wasn't a big deal to me, I was in no hurry.  If you need your cards by a certain date it may be a good idea to order a little bit ahead of time just in case.

Overall, I'm satisfied and will probably buy some more when the free ones run out.


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