Mistress of Knitting Challenge 1

Challenge 1 is Cast On/Cast Off.

Here are the levels:

Level 1 - Learn any 2 new cast ons and 2 new cast offs

Level 2 - Learn 2 new cast ons and 2 new cast offs, including binding off in pattern if you don’t already know it. Learn them well enough to do without referencing books/intarwebs/knitting peeps

Level 3 - Learn 2 new cast ons and cast offs and write up a short description of the uses of each

Level 4 - Create a small chart of at least 4 methods of casting on and 4 methods of casting off indicating when to use each one

I think I'm going to go for Level 3.  As it so happens, I'm starting a lacy stole that needs a loose, elastic cast-on.  After doing some research I decided I want to try the Italian Tubular Cast-on, following this tutorial.

After about 45 tries, I think I've got it.  It looked crazy and janky before I pulled out the tail, but I think that after a few rows it'll look better.  Pulling the tail is kind of like magic!  

One tip for those following along at home: it's best to practice with a frog-friendly yarn for your first few goes.  Silk Garden is NOT a frog-friendly yarn.


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