Fiber Friday: Gaspereau Valley Fibers

As nutty as I am for color, sometimes there is just something awesome about undyed wool.  Sheep come in tons of different colors (sometimes even multiple colors on the same sheep!).  You could knit without touching a drop of dye and still have enough different shades to make a complex Fair Isle sweater.

I participate in a "Random Acts of Kindness" group on Ravelry.  People post wishlists, and if you have something on their list, you can send them a gift.  I love sending out surprises, and it makes opening the mailbox a lot like Christmas morning: I either get an itchy "novelty" sweater from Aunt Sara (bills and junk mail) or Lego and comic books  (Yarn!  Or postcards!  Or candy!).

Today I got a fabulous package from one of the ladies in the group, and it included this natural yarn from Gaspereau Valley Fibers.  I opened the website and paraded around the house telling everyone "THIS yarn came from THOSE sheep!"  Okay, probably not those exact sheep in the photograph, but at least some of their relatives and friends.

The yarn itself is lovely.  It's a nice, soft creamy color.  Feels nice and wooly (little bit of lanolin, but not much).  It doesn't smell of sheep like wool does sometimes, even when wet.

I'm planning on splashing some dye on it, but leaving parts natural to let the wonderful sheepy color show through.  Color scheme to be decided when I plan on what to make with it!  Laceweight doesn't come my way so often, so it's a special treat when it does.

Yarn Stats:

2 ply wool
25 micron count (Being a geek, I love that they include this on the label!  I've never seen that done before!)
100 grams per skein
3200 yards per pound

I measured it myself with my handy WPI calculator, and it looks like it's about 18.

Thanks again, Karen.  Definitely a gift to be treasured.


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