WIP Wednesday: The Neverending Holiday Knitting

2008 is The Winter of Knitting.

Last year, I did a few handmade Christmas gifts, Y's Skywalkers and my sister's Fat Fuzzy Scarf.
This year, I got ambitious.

For Sister: Jaywalkers
For Mum: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady
For Grandma: Gentleman's Shooting Stockings
For Y: Noro Striped Scarf
For the neighbor's grandbaby: Better than Booties Baby Socks
And for Dad's birthday: Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock

I finished Dad's about three weeks ago, as his birthday is the 21st. My sister's are finished as well. Mum's first sock is done, and I'm doing the ribbing on the second. The baby socks I started but had to rip back as they were coming out too big. I have the yarn for the Shooting Stockings, and still have to shop for some good scarf colors.

Progress photos:
(top to bottom, Jaywalkers, Plain Winter Socks, Evening Stockings)

Three more months of this? I may go insane.


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