Step 1: Admitting that I am powerless over knitting.

Stripy Kureyon Scarf

Eisaku Noro, you are an evil, evil man. How dare you make such beautiful things possible, knowing we lowly knitters will be unable to resist them.

Stripy Kureyon Scarf

I am completely and hopelessly addicted to my Stripy Kureyon Scarf. I started knitting it at about 11 PM last night, and as of 4 PM today, it's already 28" long. I can't put the damn thing down, I keep wanting to see what colors come out of the skein next (the element of surprise being heightened by using a center-pull ball).

Kureyon is kind of notorious for being scratchy, but I soaked it for a bit (how-to here) and it's now quite a bit better. It's also softening noticeably as I knit it, and hopefully it will continue to improve with wear.

I'm using one ball each of #213 and #207. Pre-knitting shot:


#213 is the purple/green/orange skein and #207 is the blue/green one.


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Lunarius said...

I know that draw rather well myself -- I've got four skeins of Noro for the same project sitting next to my desk. I keep holding off, thinking "But it's the middle of July, and if I don't take my time I'll be trying to find an excuse to wear a scarf in August."

Alas, I fear I'll be casting on soon.

I'm planning on rocking two skeins each of #195 (Black/Olive/Blue) and #207 (Purple/Yellow/Green).

I love the way your's is looking, though oogling it isn't helping me stave off my own Noro craving! XD

July 23, 2008 at 11:06 PM

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