FO! Josef's Socks!

Socks and Grapevine

Finally finished these drat things last night. This is the last time I make socks for a guy with a size 11 foot in a light fingering (really closer to laceweight) yarn.

Josef's Socks Closeup

Pattern- Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks (Interweave Press, by Nancy Bush)
Yarn- Southwest Trading Company TOFUtsies, in color #720 (Sweep You Off Your Feet)
Needle-set of 4 US 1 DPNs
Size- leg is 7" long, foot is 10.5" long, 9" circumference

Josef's Socks With Grapes

I love the sock. I love the pattern and yarn. The one thing I don't love is how long they took to finish, even though I shortened the leg. Hopefully they'll last him forever.

The grapes in the sock picture are Muscadines from my arbor. They're native to Florida and were used by the Spaniards to make the first wines in the US.

Muscadines are sweet-tasting when ripe and have a hard skin that cracks audibly when you bite into it. You don't eat the skin or seeds, just the flesh. Birds and raccoons LOVE them and it's usually a battle for us to pick them after they turn sweet but before the critters do.

The two shown in the picture are sort of smallish for my vine, they're usually a bit larger. I've seen grapes the size of ping-pong balls, though mine don't get that big.

Here's another shot:



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