Errata: Elephant Tea Cozy

One of my readers pointed out a problem in my Elephant Tea Cozy pattern. I have fixed the pattern, but if you downloaded it before today (March 18, 2008), please make the following changes:

Row 8: K 20, K f+b, K 20, K f+b, K 20, turn

Row 9: P 20, P f+b, P 22, P f+b, P 20, turn

Thank you to Stiney for correcting my mistake!


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Unknown said...

I'm having a problem with Row 10.

K 14, K f+b, K 22, K f+b, K 13, K f+b, K 8, K f+b

adds up to 65 stitches. That doesn't sound right. I'm certainly ending up with lots of unused stitches on that row.

December 23, 2014 at 10:33 PM

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