WIP Wednesday (AKA Oh Dear, I'm Late)

Today I'm working on a pair of my Perpetual Socks (I try to always have at least one pair of socks going, as an easy/portable project), using my Personal Favorite Sock Pattern.

I'm working with Regia sock yarn (4 f├Ądig color).

I normally don't knit plain-stockinette socks, but these have something really fun and interesting about them: I'm knitting both at once, using double-knitting.

Over the holidays, I wanted to knit a pair of fingerless mitts, but didn't have DPNS in a size big enough for the yarn I wanted to use. I'd thought a long time ago that double-knitting (redistributing the stitches after casting-on so they didn't seal off the end) could be used to make a tube, and decided to try it. I ended up with my Either Genius or Crazy mitts (viewable on Ravelry):

The cables were a hell and a half to do, but the double-knitting was not hard at all. So I decided to do the same technique again on my socks.

Full tutorial coming Tuesday!


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MRS MJW said...

what pretty yarn.

May 6, 2008 at 12:39 PM

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