Socks are finished!!

I stopped working on them for a few days, so they took longer than anticipated. They look and feel so nice on my feet! I'm super-proud of my first wearable socks.

The Stitch Pattern
Work RS rows (odd numbers) R to L and WS rows (even numbers) L to R

Knit Stitch

Purl Stitch

Sl 1 to cable needle held in back. K 1, K 1 from cable needle.

Sl 1 to cable needle held in front, K 1, K 1 from cable needle

Please Note: The pattern is written for cables worked FLAT. If you are knitting socks in the round, even-numbered rounds will be (P 1, K 4, P 1) across rather than (K 1, P 4, K 1).

Fits a women's size M (stretches to fit most sizes!)
Foot circ: 8" Foot length: 9". Circumference stretches up to 11", and length can be adjusted in pattern.
Gauge: 6 stitches/inch in ribbed cable pattern
Suggested yarn weight: DK
Suggested needle: US 2 DPNS (set of 5) or circular for Magic Loop

Using a provisional cast-on (I use the Crochet Cast On
), CO 24 stitches.
Short-row down to 12 stitches, and back up to 24. (Knitty has great instructions for a short-row toe)
Unravel crochet chain to free stitches and pick up. You should now have 48 stitches total, distribute them over your DPNs.

Decide which side you want to be the top of the sock and which side you want to be the bottom.
On top of foot (first 2 needles), start knitting in stitch pattern. On bottom of foot, knit all stitches.

Work for 2 inches.

Instep Shaping
(optional, provides shaping and arch support)
Continue to work top of foot in stitch pattern. For sole of foot: P2, K4, P2, K4, P2, K4, P2, K4
Work instep shaping for 2", continuing in stitch pattern on top of foot.

Work top of foot in cabled rib pattern, and sole of foot in plain stockinette for 2 inches, or until sock is desired length.

Knit top of foot in stitch pattern. You will only be working on the two sole needles.
Short-row down to 12 stitches and back up to 24 (exactly as you did the toe!)

Start working all needles (top of foot and the ones you just did the heel on) in cabled rib pattern.
Work until cuff is desired length.
Bind off loosely and weave in all ends.

Happy Knitting, everyone!

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