Fiber Friday: Whole Lotta Love

Sometimes I knit for people and they suck and never wear/use said item.  However, sometimes they are AWESOME and order me a huge box of cool stuff as a thank-you gift.

New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi.  I flipped through the book looking at the patterns, and it is fabulous.  I love that it's more of an educational book than a pattern book, and gives you "master patterns" so that you can substitute yarns or stitch patterns, change sizes, or whatever and make your own custom socks using the techniques.

Size 0 32" circular needle, for Magic Looping socks.

Swish DK yarn in Mist.  I can't stop touching this, it's so soft.  Way softer than most merino yarns.

Palette in Eggplant and Clover.  This is in the process of becoming gorgeous Fair Isle mittens.

Wool of the Andes Bulky in hand-dyed Spumoni.  Superawesome colors, going to be a hat-and-scarf set.

And not pictured:  these totally fucking cute yarn ball earrings.

And you can't have him, he's mine.  Getcher own sexy yarn patron.


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