Sometimes you just have to do it.

My knitting life was a mess. There were way too many ancient projects, too many horribly ugly gift yarns, too many things I'd never conceivably do anything with. So I started frogging and tossing.

Disgusting scratchy yarn that smelled like it sat in my grandmother's basement for 10 years? Tossed.

Scraps of Fun Fur in 10 different colors? Donated.

Scarf I started knitting five years ago and haven't worked on since? Tossed.

And sometimes there are the projects that started out perfectly well-intentioned but just didn't get finished. Such as my Posey. I got three rows done and just sort of gave up on them. The yarn's pretty, but I got incredibly sick of making all those fiddly little squares, and I could feel the purl bumps when I walked on them. I also hate picking up stitches. So, frogged. The yarn's going to become a pair of "fraternal twin" socks instead.

And now I have plenty of extra space in my yarn storage box for the inevitable new acquisitions. I don't have to stress about having too much "stuff" every time I get something out, and there are fewer rogue balls to get tangled round each other whenever I turn my back (how the hell do the even do that?).

So the moral of the story is, don't be afraid of frogging. Don't be afraid to give things away or toss them. It will all be OK.


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