Fiber Friday

Things have been insane in SP-land lately, and I've had almost no time to post!

Finally I've slowed down enough for an update to post some fibery goodness.

I'm drowning in yarn!

A semi-local yarn store (The Yarn Gallery in Dunedin, FL) is closing down at the end of the month, and I got a chance to hit up the closing sale. I ended up with some Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace and some Regia sock yarn.

The Regia is in the Mirage Fog colorway, and will be turning into a pair of socks for my dad. I haven't decided on a pattern yet (suggestions welcome!), but probably an interesting rib pattern.

The laceweight is an interesting story. I bought it because there is a ton of it (2400 yards!), it was a good deal, and it's beautiful. No idea what to make with it yet, there's enough for 2 shawls or sweaters! I'm not much of a shawl person, but I may make some of it into a lacy shrug or scarf. I've been eyeing Jeanie from Knitty, or maybe I'll modify Arbor. If all else fails, I'll sell or trade it on Ravelry.

Bye-bye, Yarn Gallery. I'll miss you!

Later today I'm heading out to meet a lady from Freecycle about even more yarn. She has a few old sweaters she's giving me for unraveling purposes. Personally, I love recycling things. Why throw away an old sweater when you can make it into a new one? But a lot of recycled yarns have the disadvantage of being faded, stained, or just not exciting.

Well, with a little work and creativity, we can change this! My plan is to handpaint the yarns, re-skein them, and wash them so they're like new again. And since I've got more of this than I can (or want to) knit, I'm planning on setting up an Etsy shop to destash a bit and spread the love of beautiful, environmentally-friendly fiber. More information, and a link to my Etsy shop, will be posted when I get everything set up.


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