Creative Freedom and Ravelry

First of all, I posted some of my work and my original designs on Ravelry!

Here's my Profile Page
And here's my Designer Page.

Most of the patterns link back here for the actual instructions, but it's nice to have one portfolio page instead of the patterns all scattered through random blog posts. It's sort of like having a Table of Contents!

Secondly, I've decided to license my original designs thorough Creative Commons, under the Attribution license. That means you're free to use them for whatever you like-- modify them, sell the items you make, print them out and give them to all your friends/knitting circle/art class/fourth-cousins-twice-removed.

Under one simple condition: you have to give me credit. Here's an easy guide to giving credit:

If you re-publish my pattern on your website, provide my name and a link back to

If you print the pattern out, please include my name and my URL on the paper.

If you post an item you made using my patterns on another website/forum/Ravelry, provide a link (Ravelry will do this for you if you type in "Saltwater Purls" and the name of the pattern when you post!).

If you sell items you've made using my patterns on Etsy or another website, say the item was "designed by" me and link!

Creative Commons isn't a free pass to do whatever you want- it's definitely not as restrictive as copyrighting, but you do have to follow the credit rules. If I find out that you abuse the privileges of free patterns and try to pass my work off as your own, I can send you a cease and desist letter, and if you do not remove the offending items I can pursue legal action.

I believe these terms are very generous and fair, and hope more knitwear designers will start using Creative Commons instead of copyrighting their work. Did you know that if you purchase a copyrighted pattern, you're only allowed to make one copy to write notes on, and when you finish knitting you legally have to throw it away? Some designers even demand that you not make a copy at all, you must write on the original and buy a new one if you want to knit it a second time. How crazy is that?

Saltwater Purls... bringing you sane knitting since 1894 (OK, not really).


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