Josef's Brown Hat, and a Sock Crisis.

I've been working on this simple wool ribbed hat for AGES. I started it when it was actually cold enough to wear hats, and it got thrown by the wayside when I had a million other things to do.

So maybe if I post a picture as a reminder, I"ll actually get around to it!

And on to the socks:

I tried making the Straightlaced Socks
from Knitty, but they turned into a disaster. My gauge was spot-on, but somehow they turned out WAY too big for my feet. So I frogged and started over.

Right now I'm working on a pattern I adapted from the Universal Toe-Up Sock (also from Knitty) with a great cabled rib pattern I dreamed up, and some nice extra ribbing in the arches for support.

Here they are so far, with the foot about half done:Yes, it's a funny shape, but it will fit great on a foot (because those are funny-shaped too!)

I started a sock pattern discussion on Craftster, please pop on over and recommend your favorite, or just drop a link here!


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